The DP3 Project is intended to help all types of cultural institutions (museums, libraries, archives, etc.) of all sizes (from local to national) preserve the digitally printed materials in their collections. However, not every institution will have the same types of materials (books or fine art for example) or the same quantities. It is therefore unlikely that any single set of standardized recommendations will address the unique needs of every institution. For example, one institution may have only a few large fine-art inkjet photographs, while another may have hundreds of digital press-printed books. The various formats and the likelihood of differences in component materials make it difficult, if not impossible, to establish one set of storage conditions for every possible collection. In the above example, the fine art prints may need cold storage while the books only need room temperature. The principles described on the website can, with a little work, be used to tailor a set of best practices to a specific organization’s needs. IPI staff are available to provide additional help when needed.