The Instantaneous Effects of Water on Inkjet Prints (watch the video)

The Instantaneous Effects of Water on Inkjet Prints

This video was created as part of IPI’s Disaster Preparedness, Response, and Recovery for Inkjet Printed Materials in Museum Collections project funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. It illustrates what will happen to different types of inkjet prints immediately upon exposure to water. It should be noted that prints that are not harmed after only one second might still become damaged after hours or days submerged. This video demonstrates how extremely sensitive to water some print types are. The most vulnerable prints must be stored in such a way as to never allow water, or other liquids, to touch the surface.


DP3 Project Activities (watch the video)

DP3 Activities

An overview of the various tests and research activities for the DP3 Project. This includes research on digitally printed materials using light-stability, pollution sensitivity, abrasion resistance, flood resistance, thermal aging, and humidity-fastness tests.




DP3 Adhesive Induced Colorant Bleed (watch the video)

DP3 Adhesive Induced Colorant Bleed

This video shows what happens when starch adhesive is applied to the inkjet plain paper printed using a dye printer. The video demonstrates starch induced colorant bleed after ten minutes of the application.



DP3 Video Microscopy (watch the video)

DP3 Video Microscopy

This is video microscopy of an inkjet drop on microporous and polymer papers. The video also demonstrates how different imaging techniques can show different effects.





DP3 Light Induced Delamination (watch the video)

DP3 Light Induced Delamination

This video shows inkjet photo paper being tested with a brittleness apparatus after it was subjected to light exposure. We can see the flaking of the ink-receiving layer.