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D2T2 (Dye Diffusion Thermal Transfer)
Digital printer that uses heat to diffuse dyes from a donor ribbon into the paper’s image receiver layer.

Dark Fade
Loss of colorant when a print is stored in the dark.

Dark Stability
The ability of a material to resist degradation when stored in the dark.

Separation of layers in a print.

Differential Gloss
Variation in gloss across the surface of a print.

Dmin (Minimum Density)
The non-image area of a print.

Dmin Bleaching
Loss of original paper color or reversal of age-induced yellowing upon prolonged exposure to UV radiation or airborne oxidants.

Dmin Stain/Gain/Yellowing
Increase in density in the non-image area of a print.

Dot Gain
Tendency of ink dots to spread during printing as they interact with the paper.

Dot Spread
Broadening of printed dots due to high-humidity-induced migration of colorants across the surface of the print.

Drop-on-Demand Inkjet Printer
Printer in which the print head nozzle releases drops of ink only as needed to form the image.

Dry Time
Period from the moment the print is made until the ink solvent (often water) has evaporated.

An organic colorant soluble in the ink vehicle.

Dye Sublimation (Dye-sub)
A common name for dye diffusion thermal transfer. See D2T2.