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PAT (Photographic Activity Test)
A test method described in ISO 18916 that is used to predict certain chemical interactions between enclosure materials and photographic images.

Photographic Activity Test
See PAT.

The fading of colorants directly by light and/or UV radiation.

The fading of colorants by an oxidizing agent accelerated by light and/or UV radiation.

Defined by ISO as “material that meets the requirements of this International Standard [18902-2007] so that it will not accelerate the natural ageing photographic prints or films.”

Piezo Head Printer
Type of drop-on-demand inkjet printer in which a piezo crystal, located behind the ink reservoir of each nozzle, changes shape or size in response to an electric charge. This generates a pressure pulse in the reservoir that forces an ink drop out of the nozzle and onto the paper.

An organic or inorganic colorant insoluble in the ink vehicle.

A chemical added to plastics to increase their pliability.

Polymer of ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid. A clear or pigmented plastic film commonly used for enclosures.

Polymer of ethylene. A clear or translucent plastic film commonly used for enclosures.

Polymer-Coated Paper
Paper for inkjet printing in which the ink receiver layer is a moisture receptive polymer. Also referred to as swellable-coated paper.

A plastic generally considered safe by ISO for use with photographs. However, many plastics are treated with thin coatings, so polypropylene products should still pass the PAT in order to be considered safe.

Polyvinyl Chloride
Polymer of vinyl chloride. A clear plastic film occasionally used for enclosures, but excluded for use by ISO 18902-2007.

Porous-Coated Paper
Paper used for inkjet printing on which the image receiver layer is formed by minerals (such as silicas or aluminas) bound by polymers to create cavities for the ink to be absorbed. Also referred to as nano- and micro-porous-coated paper.

See Polyvinyl Chloride.